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Replace your human telemarketers with our Virtual Sales Agents and save up to 50%. No software to buy, No setup fees, No commitment.

*** Notice: We Can No Longer Offer AI Calls ***

Due to a recently passed law in the USA, voicebot calls are now illegal. Instead, please use this human telemarketing service to make your calls: UpCall. They can make thousands of calls a day for you, and will call each number up to 5 times to make sure to reach the decision-maker. Once they connect with the prospect, they will set an appointment or gather information for you to call them back. Or, hire a full-time remote human telemarketer for $1799/month.

What We Do

Our human-sounding voicebots will automatically generate warm leads for you. No programming needed, we set up everything for free. It is like having thousands of telemarketers available on demand, with no fees unless you use them. Also, if you are a call center, BPO, or telemarketing company, you can use our software to run outbound campaigns for your customers. Note that recent Federal and State laws prohibit automated calls unless the customer has given consent for the call or you have an existing business relationship with them (see this summary of those laws).

Some AI voices we offer:


Why Use AI?

  • No human workers to train or manage.
  • Make up to 10,000 calls in an hour
  • Real-time Call Transfer - Interested customers are transferred to a human agent.
  • Data can be sent/received from a CRM program, and at any stage SMS, WhatsApp, or Email can be triggered.
  • The AI will always stick to your script and be persistent in accomplishing your goals.
  • See in real time how effective your script is, and fine-tune it whenever you want to get more leads.
  • Input a list of potential user objections, and the AI will respond accordingly to overcome each of them.
  • Call Analytics - Shows if the customer was interested and if they want a callback or might want to chat later.
  • Supports 96 languages.
  • Voicemail detection.

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Email eric@callcenters.ai to find out how we can help automate your outbound calls

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