Outbound Calls
Powered By AI

Our human agents book 3x more B2B meetings/sales due to the advanced technology we equip them with. Simply give us a CSV file of your leads or connect us to your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesloft , Outreach, Zoho etc.) and we will call thousands of prospects a day for you.

What We Do

Each agent in our call center uses newly developed AI-powered dialing software to generate 8-12 live conversations per hour. The sales part is the same as usual, it is everything else that is automated so not a second is wasted.

Why Do We Use AI?

  • Reduces wasted time by 90%.
  • Automatically skips voicemails.
  • Automatically skips "no answers".
  • Automatically replaces bad numbers with corrected ones.
  • Prioritizes dialing based on numbers most likely to connect.
  • Replaces known general office phone numbers with direct line numbers
  • Automatically shows a caller ID similar to the lead's number.
  • Cleans and optimize the calling list.
  • Automatically navigates company directories/IVRs.
  • Listen and QA call recordings & data.
  • View performance reports.
  • Runs in the cloud.
  • Increased efficiency and productity.

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Email eric@callcenters.ai to find out how we can help increase your sales

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